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Compression Consultation

For a FREE analysis, call AGCSI at (303) 659-8203 and have the following information readily available so that our staff can provide you a precise calculation. You can also fax the information to us at (303) 659-1750. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address.

  1. Suction pressure (PSIG) range

  2. Discharge pressure (PSIG) range

  3. Capacity MCF/Day

  4. "K" value of gas
    Ratio of specific heats.

  5. Specific gravity of gas
    Found by gas analysis, a default value of .65 is often used for natural gas.

  6. BTU of gas
    Found by gas analysis, pure methane has approximately 1000 BTU per standard cubic foot.

  7. Inlet temperature of gas (degrees Fahrenheit)
    Lower initial temperatures require less compression power.

  8. Ambient temperature of site
    High ambient temperatures may require additional cooling to prevent overheating between stages of compression.

  9. Elevation of site in feet
    Natural aspirated engines require deration in horsepower as elevation increases, also gauge pressure is altered by altitude changes.

  10. Flowing well(s)
    Multiple flowing may create surges or gaps in the desired flow rate.

  11. Pumping well(s)
    Generally indicate a steadier stream of gas but mechanical problems can alter flow below desired parameters.

  12. Plunge lift or intermitter
    Initial surge of flow and periods of no flow must be dealt with in order to protect the compressor.

  13. Gathering system(s)
    Same concerns as above.

  14. H2S or C02 (in parts per million)
    Found by gas analysis, these are dangerous corrosive gases and must be known and dealt with to protect personnel and equipment.

  15. Electricity on site
    Depending on the quality of the gas. Electric driven compressors can be less expensive to operate and maintain than engine driven units.

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